I’m Pamela Jane Morgan, aka Pammie Jane. I’m a quilter, author, illustrator, and photographer. I’ve dabbled in many art forms and had various creative jobs, but my passion lies in surface pattern design and textiles. I’m from a long line of sewists and artists and began quilting as a creative outlet while pregnant with my first child.

My inspiration comes from the world around me, especially from my cats. My style is maximalism at its finest. I am a 100% certified crazy cat lady. My work is overflowing with bold colors and texture galore. And cats, of course, although you’ll likely find other creatures in it too.

 My book, Purr-fect Patchwork, is available now from C&T Publishing. You can also find my work in quilting magazines, shows, and websites.

When I’m not creating, I can be found binging ridiculous comedies and true crime TV, collecting vintage junk, and snuggling my furry friends. I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho, but my hometown is Pittsburgh, Pa. Though I don’t get to visit nearly often enough, it still holds a special place in my heart. I am a wife to an incredibly supportive and super handsome hunk of man meat, a mom to 4 loud but also hilarious children, and zookeeper to a small menagerie.

  • Safe Person

    I am a safe person and this website is a safe place. I have a zero-tolerance policy for hatred toward anyone. Kindness matters!

  • Quilty Maven

    Quilting is life! I don’t like being pigeonholed into a specific creative niche, but quilting ignites my passion fire.

  • TV Junkie

    I’m a TV and movie junkie, especially when it comes to comedy. Judd Apatow movies and Mike Schur tv shows are my favorites.

  • Meme Queen

    Laughing is my favorite. My phone is embarrassingly full of memes and webcomics that I’ve saved.

  • Virgo Incarnate

    I’m the living embodiment of a Virgo - perfectionist to a fault, creative, stubborn AF. I’ve recently embraced Human Design (a more in-depth version of astrology) and love learning about how to be my best self.

  • Cat Lady

    I love animals! I could watch animal reels all day and it’s possible I follow more cats on social media than I do humans. All animals are amazing, but cats and fuzzy bumble bees make my heart melt.